Our projects


Prefabricated stationary housing

Our team together with CS company developed projects of prefabricated stationary housing for families who lost their homes as a result of russian invasion to Ukraine.

In cooperation with our Slovak partners CERAMIC HOUSES EU, we aim to build about 100.0 thousand square meters of light, prefabricated ceramic houses with a reasonable progressive system, which are made exclusively of organic and natural materials, which provides unbeatable price and low operating costs.

Prefabricated house technology is well known in many European countries, where it has a positive reputation among customers. Technology has come to force in the construction of not only single-family homes, but also other residential and commercial buildings.
$84 000 0001%

Procurement for the Armed Forces

Due to the military aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine to ensure the successful protection for the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, special services, territorial integrity of Ukraine, protection and preservation of lifes, health of soldiers and civilians of Ukraine, we purchase armor, protective equipment and pickup cars.
We ask you to make a charitable donation.
$2 500 0003%

Concept of restoration and development of Chernihiv region

Implementation of the concept of reconstruction of the affected regions of Ukraine due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation.