Procurement for the Armed Forces

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Due to the military aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine to ensure the successful protection for the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, special services, territorial integrity of Ukraine, protection and preservation of lifes, health of soldiers and civilians of Ukraine, we purchase armor, protective equipment and pickup cars.
We ask you to make a charitable donation.

  •  body armor (not less than the 4th level of protection)
  •  walkie-talkie
  •  military helmets / helmets
  •  optical sights
  •  thermal imagers
  •  night vision devices
  •  binoculars
  •  rangefinders
  •  noise protection headphones
  •  tactical goggles
  •  quadcopters
  •  tactical gloves
  •  chemical light sources
  •  mats
  •  sleeping bags
  •  thermal underwear
  •  men's underwear
  •  military first aid kits
  •  power banks (chargers) on solar panels
  •   flashlights (head and hand)
  •  diesel generators.
  •  gas masks
  •  pickup cars


50 pickups


We are opening a fundraiser for the purchase abroad of pickups of various brands (Nissan, Toyota, Ford, etc.) for the needs of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These cars are needed at the front to transport personnel, ammunition, etc. Unfortunately, on the front line they often get under fire, so the supply of these cars is constantly needed.

20 Autel EVO2 Dual 640 drones

10 DJI Matrix 300 RTK Thermal Pack drones


We are opening a fundraiser for the purchase of Autel EVO2 Dual 640 and DJI Matrix 300 RTK Thermal Pack drones abroad. The drones changed the course of the war in Ukraine. Aerial intelligence ensures a large part of the victories of the Ukrainian military forces.