Prefabricated stationary housing

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$84 000 0001%
sq. m of living space in our project
We will build apartments
families lost their homes in the Chernihiv region
million is needed for the project

Our team together with the companies SHAW and CS developed projects of prefabricated stationary housing for families who lost their homes as a result of russian invasion to Ukraine.

In cooperation with our Slovak partners CERAMIC HOUSES EU, we aim to build about 100.0 thousand square meters of light, prefabricated ceramic houses with a reasonable progressive system, which are made exclusively of organic and natural materials, which provides unbeatable price and low operating costs.

Prefabricated house technology is well known in many European countries, where it has a positive reputation among customers. Technology has come to force in the construction of not only single-family homes, but also other residential and commercial buildings. 

The latest generation of prefabricated houses - ceramic houses, which are lightweight ceramic structures made of walls made entirely in the factory. All installations are already built into the walls, and you can finish the interior by painting or polishing. One of the three main advantages of this system is its environmental friendliness in the manufacture of structures made exclusively of natural materials. Another important advantage is that houses are energy efficient. The highest coefficient of heat resistance is guaranteed by the use of patented materials, and the ceramic wall has the ability to heat accumulation. And last but not the least, a smart system is extremely economical, as we offer not only the best price, but also the shortest construction process. Thanks to the flexible construction system, we can apply these technologies to any project.

These projects will be implemented on land plots located in Chernihiv region of Ukraine. The total cost of construction projects will be about 84.0 million US dollars.

Currently the possibilities to finance these projects from the state and local budgets in Ukraine are practically absent because of the war. Waiting for financial support of the projects under the international reconstruction program of Ukraine can take a long time and could results that the project decisions will not be ready when it necessary.

To accelerate the development of project documentation and start of the construction work for the above mentioned facilities, we ask you to make a charitable donation.