We are accelerating the victory and working to restore Ukraine!

We raise funds to protect Ukraine and implement innovative projects to restore housing, educational institutions and infrastructure in the territories affected by the Russian invasion.

Who we are

The public organization "UA", registered on January 27, 2017, is a non-governmental non-profit organization that unites active citizens of Ukraine on a voluntary basis, including: architects, engineers, financiers, lawyers, etc.

The key purpose of "Organization" is implementation and protection of the rights and freedoms, satisfaction of public, in particular economic, financial, social, ecological, town-planning and other interests; promotion of charity and grant activities; assistance to vulnerable groups; protection of citizens and legal entities from corrupt actions of state authorities and local self-government; support and development of innovative ideas of citizens; assistance to state authorities and local self-government bodies in building civil society and cooperation with the public; assistance in the development and reconstruction of cities and towns.


10 houses


The team of the public organization UA together with the companies SHAW and CS developed projects of quickly assembled stationary housing for families who lost their housing as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The buildings are designed with high energy efficiency indicators.

We are currently fundraising for 10 pilot houses.
10 families left without housing are already waiting for settlement.

20 Autel EVO2 Dual 640 drones
10 DJI Matrix 300 RTK Thermal Pack drones


We are opening a fundraiser for the purchase of Autel EVO2 Dual 640 and DJI Matrix 300 RTK Thermal Pack drones abroad. The drones changed the course of the war in Ukraine. Aerial intelligence ensures a large part of the victories of the Ukrainian military forces.

50 pickups


We are opening a fundraiser for the purchase abroad of pickups of various brands (Nissan, Toyota, Ford, etc.) for the needs of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These cars are needed at the front to transport personnel, ammunition, etc. Unfortunately, on the front line they often get under fire, so the supply of these cars is constantly needed.

Our team

Molochko Vitaliy
Molochko VitaliyHead
Skoryna Taras
Skoryna TarasDeputy Chairman
Popadiuk Vasyl
Popadiuk VasylDeputy Chairman
Dekalchuk Petro
Dekalchuk PetroDeputy Chairman
Zots Yuriy
Zots YuriyAdvisor on financial and economic issues
Potapova Julia
Potapova JuliaDeputy Chairman